5 minutes with Liam O’Meara, VP of Europe, Axonify

Could you tell us about yourself?

I’ve spent most of my career in the learning technology space, helping large brands drive business performance. I work closely with business leaders to shine a spotlight on their people and drive transformational change to improve employee experience, customer experience, and improve efficiency across the entire organisation.

Tell us a little about Axonify?

Axonify is a training platform designed around the unique needs of the frontline workforce. It enables organisations to deliver critical training ‘in the flow of work’ without the impact typically associated with taking employees off the shop floor to learn.

What’s so unique about Axonify is that it provides a quick, easy and enjoyable training experience which is accessed through employees own devices or through devices on the shop floor where frontline employees already are.

What are your role and responsibilities as VP of Europe at Axonify?

As VP for Europe my main strategic goal is to take the success that we’ve seen with Axonify internationally and emulate that within the region. We have a wealth of big global grocery and retail brands using the Axonify platform and seeing outstanding results with their frontline training, and we’re on a mission to continue delivering that success to our customers here as well.

How has your previous experience helped you at Axonify?

I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, seeing first-hand how they leverage the power of their people to drive top line growth. It sometimes sounds like a cliché, but people really are the biggest asset a company can have. I love helping leaders unlock that value and see real results.

What gap in the market does Axonify strive to address?

We know there is a wealth of learning and training platforms out there. What we see as our biggest opportunity – and where we see ourselves filling a gap – is the move away from ‘one and done’ training which rarely sticks, and towards AI-driven, personalised and reinforced learning which is shaped around the needs of the individual. We’re working with business leaders who want to make a transformation in their organisation. Training isn’t a tick box exercise, it’s the key to continued success and growth, both for the individual and for the business.

Axonify offers a grocery solution. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

The Axonify training platform was built with the frontline in mind, and that makes it the perfect fit for the grocery industry. The technology delivers critical training and communications – whatever those may be for that particular organisation – to a part of the workforce that is notoriously difficult to reach in real time. This can be done through employees’ own mobile devices or through POS, handheld scanners and other devices on the shop floor. In addition, the standard operational needs are covered with the Axonify Grocery content that comes with the platform.

What makes Axonify’s products and solutions different in the same market?

Learning delivered through the Axonify platform gets high engagement. This provides the data which enables the AI to become highly effective and;

  • personalise the experience to each individual with relevant content,
  • prioritise learning based on desired business impact, and
  • provide valuable reporting visibility linking performance to KPIs.

What benefits will businesses have when they utilise Anoxify’s products and services?

We talk about two main areas of impact. These are:

Where do you see the business post-pandemic?

We’re focusing on helping our clients and prospects understand what their world looks like after an unprecedented couple of years. Grocery frontline employees were hailed as the heroes of the pandemic, but our recent Frontline Research Report showed that almost half of the grocery frontline is preparing to leave their role. They told us that they’re feeling burnt out, under-appreciated and they’re reconsidering their options.

On the flipside, business leaders are trying to find ways to bring people back instore, improve customer experience and adapt to new consumer behaviours. The frontline is going to be key in navigating these challenges successfully.

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