Nisa partners with GroceryAid

Nisa has collaborated with Grocery Aid in an effort to increase access to wellbeing support for its independent retail partners.  

The initiative will see GroceryAid resources displayed in staff areas of the symbol group’s stores to inform workers about the charity and tools available for them. 

The convenience retailer confirmed that the organisation’s material has been added to Nisa’s induction packs, which will make staff aware of their support system from the start of their employment.  

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The store franchise will also direct workers to the partner-facing Consortium magazine and digital signposting on the Nisa order capture system to ensure that employees have easy access to the charity site for support. 

“Adding this support for partners is a real step change for us and it demonstrates the value we place on Nisa partners and their wellbeing,” Nisa southern Scotland retail development manager Matthew Howie said. 

“As independent retailers many partners don’t have obvious support for their wellbeing, but GroceryAid exists to provide that. 

“It’s really important that as a symbol group, we share with them the tools that are available and at their disposal.” 

He added: “GroceryAid is a really underutilised tool that we want our partners to be aware of. 

“[It’s] about building that relationship with our partners so they feel they can reach out and speak about it.”  

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