Brexit is harming supply chain, claims French minister

The French finance minister has claimed that Brexit is hampering the UK’s ability to fix its faltering supply chain.

Speaking to the BBC, Bruno Le Maire admitted that the EU had “the same situation” but could cope with the issues better. 

Retailers have been warning for months that a shortfall of lorry drivers would lead to gaps on shelves.

“The fact that we are a member of a very important single market helps us facing these bottlenecks,” Le Maire said at the G7 in Washington.

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“When you are asking for some more people in restaurants, in hotels, for truck drivers, for instance, you have access to other labour markets.”

MPs have previously downplayed the impact of Brexit, pointing out that worker shortages extend across the EU.

The trade bloc is thought to have a drought of some 400,000 hauliers.

Poland has a shortfall of roughly 120,000 HGV drivers, while France and Germany need around 40,000 each.

The Prime Minister plans to issue 5000 visas in the run-up to Christmas, to prevent the supply chain collapsing under the weight of festive demand.

So far, just 127 drivers have applied to work in Britain under the emergency scheme.

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  • Well we’re not going to re-join the EU and give our political sovereignty and taxes to an undemocratic body for a simple trade deal. No way.

    When will the media stop hating the country for voting to leave the EU?


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