Amazon drivers aim to sue over employee rights


Thousands of Amazon drivers have launched a legal battle over workers’ rights, which could result in £10,500 compensation for each year they have delivered for the company.

Law firm, Leigh Day claims because drivers are classified as self-employed, they do not benefit from rights such as holiday pay and an employment contract, the law firm said.

It added that at least 3000 drivers could be able to claim for employee rights.

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“Amazon is short-changing drivers making deliveries on their behalf. This is disgraceful behaviour from a company that makes billions of pounds a year,” Kate Robinson of Leigh Day said.

“Drivers delivering for Amazon have to work set shifts and book time off, yet Amazon claim they are self-employed.”

An Amazon spokesman said: “We’re hugely proud of the drivers who work with our partners across the country, getting our customers what they want, when they want, wherever they are.

“We are committed to ensuring these drivers are fairly compensated by the delivery companies they work with and are treated with respect, and this is reflected by the positive feedback we hear from drivers every day.”

However, delivery driver Bill Lightfoot, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, added: “The work is horrendous because Amazon controls everything you do.

“There were times I was out on delivery, and I’d stop for a few minutes, and they’d ring up and ask why I was parked up.”

He concluded: “The money I was earning wasn’t anywhere close to covering my rent and bills. In one week, I worked 36 hours over four days and I should have earned £464 but they gave me £2.74. It doesn’t sound believable but it’s true. ”

“I was very unhappy delivering for them. Effectively I was paying them to do their deliveries, rather than the other way around.”

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