Asda partners with Norwegian Seafood Council

Asda has launched a new campaign, ‘Seafood from Norway’, in partnership with the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC).

‘Seafood from Norway’ origin branding will be featured on Asda’s own label Norwegian cod and haddock in selected stores across the UK. 

By labelling the Norwegian origin of the cod and haddock supplied to Asda, the NSC aims to reassure customers that the fish meets the exemplary sustainability standards required by Norway’s fisheries. 

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Asda and the NSC will further drive customer awareness through an instore and online retail campaign, combining advertising, POS and social media. 

There is a stronger demand for white fish in Nottingham and Leeds, so campaign activity will be amplified and targeted in these areas, featuring direct mail to 13,000 households. 

“There is very little storytelling around whitefish in British retail and the mentioning of origin is very vague,” Norwegian seafood council UK director Hans Frode Kielland Asmyhr told Grocery Gazette

“We believe this is a pity for UK consumers and we believe they should get the possibility to know more and get information on the origin of their fish and information on sustainability, catching etc. 

“In UK retail the origin of cod and haddock is usually mentioned as; North East Atlantic; or Icelandic, Norwegian and Barents seas. 

“We believe consumers deserve to get more information than this, not just on where the fish is caught, but also the wider story behind the processing and the journey from sea to plate.”

Asmyhr added: “In this partnership we are starting this storytelling, which we intend to increase in the coming years. 

“We believe that British consumers want this and that they will get more trust in the products when a wider part of the story is told.”

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