Tesco kicks off UK beer revival with new campaign

Tesco has announced the launch of its new campaign to boost the popularity of UK beer. 

The first in the series, Brithop, made by Buxton Brewery, launches exclusively at the Big 4 grocer this week.  

The beer is described as “an all British-grown IPA, showcasing some of the most exciting and aromatic new hops to be developed by British hop growers.”  

Tesco is set to stock the range at 800 of its stores from this week and will retail for RRP £3 per product. 

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According to the retailer, it aims to bring popularity back to British bitters, following the growing popularity of “fruitier” craft beers influenced by Australian, American and New Zealand hops over the past 20 years.  

It blames the decline in UK hop production on the increasing demand for a “new and modern” taste, and a lack of desire for the “spicy, earthy” flavours of British offerings. 

“We believe it won’t be long before our homegrown varieties are back in vogue again,” Tesco craft beer buyer Luke O’Connor said.  

“We hope that the launch of this new British hopped ale could help kickstart that revival.”  

Charles Farm managing director Paul Corbett added: “We have to move with the times in terms of current beer tastes, but this shouldn’t be at the expense of the British hop industry.” 

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