Environment Secretary expands on three-way funding for future farming schemes

The Environment Secretary, George Eustice has expanded on government plans to split funding for future farming schemes three ways from 2028.  

Eustice addressed the Groundswell Agriculture Show at Lannock Mannor Farm to speak on the plan for progress post-Brexit.  

According to the new plans, funding is set to be divided between the new Sustainable Farming Incentive, the Local Nature Recovery scheme and the Landscape Recovery project.  

This series of developments is the biggest change to be made to the UK farming industry in over 50 years.  

“We envisage that it’ll be roughly a three-way split in the budget, between these three types of schemes,” Eustice said.  

“We see these schemes complementing one another and there being a continuum of objectives throughout.” 

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He reaffirmed his commitment to regenerative farming in developing future farming policy, with the aim that 70 per cent of farms will take part in environmental land management schemes by 2028. 

The government has also announced it is committing to maintaining the current levels of investment in farming of £2.4 billion per year, on average.  

“Everyone recognises that we need to change our approach to tackle the environmental challenges both on climate change, but also on biodiversity,” Eustice continued.  

“Leaving the European Union gives us a great opportunity to show the world how we can do this, through a seven-year transition to reorder farming incentives so that we support a regenerative agriculture.”  

The government is scheduled to publish a revised edition of the Agricultural Transition Plan this week, which will include plans for the early implementation of the Sustainable Farming Incentive in 2022.  



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