Diageo drafts in AI for summer cocktail predictions

Drinks manufacturer Diageo is shaking up its top summer cocktail predictions by using AI to identify consumer trends.

The five flavours identified –  ‘umami’, ‘spicy’, ‘tropical’, ‘treating’ and ‘bloom harvest’ – form the drink giant’s ‘Flavour Forecast’, an insight into the forecasted top specific drink flavours of the upcoming year.

Diageo, whose portfolio includes spirit brands Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Gordon’s and Tanqueray, said the report had been created in collaboration with AI and machine learning tool AI Palette.

The AI solution identifies emerging trends in the food and beverage sector by tracking global conversations across online and social media platforms.

Diageo chief innovation officer Mark Sandys said: “How we socialise today is influenced by so many factors, such as different cultures, the appreciation for the outdoors, even our desire for adventure.

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“These trends are shaping the drinks and the specific flavours that consumers will want to enjoy this summer, with Diageo’s ‘Flavour Forecast’ indicating that we are going to see the likes of jalapeno, guava, and floral infusions all have their moments, particularly in the world of cocktails.

“Using our insights and artificial intelligence, we’ve been able to track the growth of these trends and introduce new products to stay relevant to changing consumer palates, with wonderful recent examples including Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind and Johnnie Walker Umami.”

The latest tool will join the FMCG’s existing digital features, including ‘Foresight System’, a digital tool first introduced within Diageo’s inaugural consumer trends report ‘Distilled’.



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