Aldi slashes price of fruit and veg

Aldi has lowered the price of over 45 of its fruit and vegetable products, as part of its latest series of price reductions.

Customers at the discounter will enjoy lower prices on produce including berries, oranges, tomatoes and its fresh salad range from today (24 May).

Produce such as avocado and peppers are also included in this latest campaign, which will see prices slashed by an average of 11%.

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The new campaign represents a further £34m investment in keeping prices low for its shoppers, as Aldi’s managing director of buying Julie Ashfield said the supermarket was “committed” to its reduced prices.

Ashfield said: “We are committed to remaining the UK’s cheapest supermarket while still offering outstanding quality to shoppers.

“This latest round of price cuts will see us hammer down prices even further, to help ensure we always offer our customers a wide range of fresh and healthy products at the lowest prices.”

The grocer’s latest price reductions come as it was recently renamed as the consumer group Which?’s cheapest supermarket in April, making Aldi the undefeated winner of this year’s month rankings so far.

Products included in the campaign:

Product Old price New price
Nature’s Pick Courgettes 500g £1.39 £1.29
Nature’s Pick Raspberries 225g £2.39 £2.29
Nature’s Pick Blueberries 400g £3.39 £3.29
Everyday Essentials Blueberries 125g £1.29 £1.19
Nature’s Pick Grapes Snack Pack Seedless 170g £0.99 £0.85
Nature’s Pick Large Oranges 4pk £1.89 £1.69
Nature’s Pick Mini Easy Peelers 500g £0.95 £0.89
Nature’s Pick Unwashed Baby Spinach 450g £1.69 £1.49
Nature’s Pick Lettuce Romaine Hearts 2pk £1.09 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Little Gem Lettuce £0.79 £0.75
Nature’s Pick Chinese Leaf £1.19 £0.99
Sweet Mixed Pepper 3pk £1.79 £1.69
Specially Selected Sweet Pointed Pepper 2pk £1.29 £1.19
Nature’s Pick Salad Tomatoes 650g £1.39 £1.29
Nature’s Pick Beef Tomato Each £0.70 £0.59
Nature’s Pick On the Vine Sweet Tomatoes 255g £1.19 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Rhubarb 400g £1.19 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Carrot Batons 400g £0.89 £0.79
Nature’s Pick Crispy Potato Slices 350g £1.09 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Chestnut Button Mushrooms 200g £1.19 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Green Beans 220g £0.89 £0.85
Specially Selected Extra Fine Beans 200g £1.29 £1.19
Nature’s Pick Avocado (Each) £0.95 £0.89
Nature’s Pick Watercress, Spinach and Rocket Salad 80g £0.65 £0.59
Nature’s Pick Wild Rocket 60g £0.75 £0.69
Nature’s Pick Baby Leaf Salad 110g £0.89 £0.79
Nature’s Pick Baby Leaf & Rocket Salad 90g £0.89 £0.79
Nature’s Pick Bistro Salad 160g £0.75 £0.69
Nature’s Pick Crispy Leaf Salad 120g £0.79 £0.69
Nature’s Pick Italian Style Salad 100g £0.79 £0.69
Nature’s Pick Rainbow Salad 150g £1.39 £0.99
Nature’s Pick Pomegranate Seeds 80g £0.89 £0.79
Nature’s Pick Watermelon Fans 300g £1.39 £1.29
Nature’s Pick Beansprouts 400g £0.89 £0.79
Ready, Set…Cook! Stir Fry Sauce – Coconut and Lemongrass/Katsu/Teriyaki 175g £0.79 £0.65
Nature’s Pick Stir Fry – Edamame/ Mushroom 320g £0.95 £0.85
Nature’s Pick Stir Fry – Oriental/Pepper 320g £0.95 £0.85
Ready, Set…Cook! Stir Fry Sauces – Sweet Chilli/Plum & Hoisin/Chow Mein 175g £0.79 £0.65
Nature’s Pick Cauliflower & Broccoli Florets 400g £1.35 £1.29
Nature’s Pick Trimmed Sprouts 200g £1.19 £0.99
Everyday Essentials Strawberries 227g £1.49 £1.09
Specially Selected Piccolo Tomatoes 220g £1.59 £1.49
Specially Selected Piccolato Tomatoes 220g £1.59 £1.49
Specially Selected San Marzano Tomatoes £1.59 £1.49
Specially Selected Amelio Tomatoes 275g £1.59 £1.49
Specially Selected Plum On The Vine Tomatoes 220g £1.59 £1.49




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