Which supermarkets price match other chains?

Morrisons became the latest supermarket to price match the discounters, with more than 200 products now costing the same or less than Aldi and Lidl.

Price matching schemes have become increasingly common in grocery retail, as supermarkets strive to compete with the discounters. We look at which grocers are doing what.


Here depicting a Morrisons store

Morrisons launched an Aldi and Lidl Price Match campaign today across over 200 grocery essentials.

Available online and in-store, the grocer has introduced signage to let shoppers know the products that are price matched to either discounter “depending on whichever is cheaper”.

Morrisons chief customer and marketing officer Rachel Eyre said: “We want to reassure our customers that we have hundreds of products that are the same price or cheaper – with the quality they’ve come to expect from us – than those available at Aldi and Lidl which is why we have launched our new price match.

“We hope this new campaign will bring our quality and value into even sharper focus for our customers.”


Asda store

Morrisons follows in the footsteps of Asda, which became the first supermarket to price match both discounters last month.

Asda’s Aldi & Lidl Price Match covers 287 everyday products, which are checked twice per week against the two chains.

The scheme has seen the supermarket lower prices of products included by an average of 17%.

Asda chief customer officer David Hills, who joined the grocer from Aldi in September, said: “We understand we have an important role to play in local communiites to help families get the most from their budgets. We have launched Aldi and Lidl Price Match to help them save both time and money. Our customers can trust that they will get uncompromising value every day at Asda and George – on everything from food and clothing to homeware and Cashpot rewards, as well as the lowest prices on supermarket fuel.”

Hills added: “Because we know their time is as stretched as their budget, we’re making shopping with us as easy as possible – whether that’s in our large stores, our growing Asda Express convenience stores or online.”

However, Asda’s Aldi & Lidl Price Match cannot be found in the supermarket’s Express stores as of yet, and excludes multi-buy offers and member pricing’ discounts.

Late last year, Asda paused its Home Bargains price match as it plans to review the impact of the campaign so far.


Tesco store

The UK’s largest retailer has an Aldi Price Match that spans across 500 products, including ‘big brand’ items.

First launched in 2020, the supermarket showcases the campaign in store with ‘Aldi Price Match’ bubbles, with the products included varying each week.  The price match is available online and in select larger stores.

Tesco notes shoppers will not find the scheme in its Express stores or in Northern Ireland stores – as Aldi does not have stores in Northern Ireland.  It also does not match against any promotional price in Aldi stores or online.


Here depicting a Sainsbury's store

Bolstering its Aldi Price Match over the years, Sainsbury’s now pledges to match 500 products to the discounters price.

Updating the list twice a week, the scheme covers a range of grocery essentials in-store and online but excludes promotions, while the supermarket adds the offer is not available in convenience stores.

In 2023 CEO Simon Roberts said that Sainsbury’s would “take on Aldi” and “invest £550m over two years in being more competitive”.


In 2023 online grocer Ocado launched a Tesco ‘Price Promise’ across over 10,000 products, including Clubcard deals.

Currently the only grocery retailer to offer its Price Match for members price discounts, Ocado’s scheme spans across its range of over 700 own-label grocery lines and its collection of Everyday Savers.

Ocado Retail CEO Hannah Gibson said: “At Ocado, everything we do starts with our customers and we know how important value is to them right now. We continue to support our customers by investing in price across branded and own-brand products.

“Now with our Ocado Price Promise, we’re comparing over 10,000 products, matching the price of like-for-like shopping to tesco.com, so customers can be sure they’re getting great value at Ocado.”


Waitrose used to have a price promise to match Tesco on thousands of branded items that was launched in 2012, drastically scaled back in 2018, before seemingly being quietly being dropped. In 2018, the scheme was reduced from from 8,000 products to 1,200.

However the scheme is still listed on its website under ‘offers’, with the upmarket retailer noting it had “right to withdraw the Waitrose Brand Price Match offer at any time without notice”.



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