Whole Foods Market to expand value ranges as it looks to broaden customer appeal

Whole Foods Market is looking to expand it’s range of value and lowest priced products as it plans to widen its appeal to customers.

According to The Grocer, the Amazon-owned supermarket has seen declining sales across its seven UK stores as customers have traded down from its traditionally premium offering.

As a result, Whole Foods has been rolling out new signs in stores that highlight its lower prices on promotional items, including existing products like yoghurt, toothpaste, organic Prosecco and pastry sheets, among others.

The curated line up of products is now being advertised under the label ‘Low Prices, Same High Standards’, and has 58 items in total.

Earlier this year, the organic supermarket chain reported a pre-tax loss of £26.3 million from just seven London stores, with sales dipping 2.9% to £91.6 million.

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It also revealed plans last month to axe its luxury products and increase the range of discounted items in its London stores as losses widen.

Whole Foods UK director of purchasing and operation, Jade Hoai told The Grocer: “We are conscious in terms of developing the various price points so that it is accessible to shop in Whole Foods and that you feel like you’re getting value.

“At the same time there is always that customer who wants to come in and find a bottle of champagne, or find a really nice cheese or a nice steak, so that will be there as well.

“We’re very consciously making decisions that we believe our customers want and offering the right products at the right price point and making sure that there is that general promotional awareness of it,” she added.

“More and more people are going to come to do their full shop in Whole Foods Market because we are consciously leaning in to provide more value.”

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