Morrisons to stock ‘Savers’ range in convenience stores

Morrisons is introducing a range of entry level products to its convenience stores across the UK from today, to cater for low-income families amid the cost-of-living crisis.

The Savers products will be available in over 500 of the supermarkets ‘Daily’ stores and will be the same price as in Morrisons supermarkets.

Morrisons CEO David Potts vowed to make the change following a questioning from MPs last month, over concerns that supermarkets had been profiteering while consumers faced rising food prices.

This also comes as Which? found that supermarket-branded convenience stores are not offering budget grocery lines in the most vulnerable areas, despite 66% of those on less that £21k per year shopping in a smaller store at least once a week.

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The launch will start with 10 products, including washing up liquid, toilet rolls and sausages, followed by a further 30 items in coming weeks such as eggs, ham, juice, butter, cheese and mince.

The supermarket giant is also cutting the price of 18 high-volume products in its convenience stores, including two and four-pint milk, bread and tomatoes.

Potts said: “Speaking plainly, the reason that convenience stores don’t stock entry price point products is because they make very little, if any, money and do not fit with the significantly higher cost structure of convenience stores.

“But customers – especially those living in areas without easy access to a supermarket – have told us how much they would appreciate it at this difficult time and so we are doing it.”

Earlier this year, Morrisons added new products to its Savers range and re-launched and re-branded with new blue and white packaging to draw more shoppers to the lower-priced products.



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