Amazon ‘Just Walk Out’ technology rolls out in new ExCeL convenience store

London’s ExCeL centre has adopted Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology at its new convenience store.

The first frictionless checkout-free store within an events space in the UK, the ‘Market Express’ shop will allow customers to purchase items without queuing to pay.

Visitors can tap their payment card or mobile wallet on entry to the store and Amazon’s technology, which is used in its ‘Fresh’ stores across the UK, will detect what is picked up or returned to shelves.

When shoppers have completed their trip, they can leave and their payment method wil be charged for the items.

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The new convenience store at ExCeL London features a range of food and drink products including hot beverages, grab-n-go hot meals, bakery items, salads, sandwiches, soft drinks, and fruit juices, alongside a snack range of biscuits, fruit and cereals.

Other essential items such as medical supplies and toiletries are also available.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with London’s largest event venue ExCeL to introduce the first checkout-free store within an event space in the UK, and we look forward to providing patrons of ExCeL a frictionless shopping experience with Just Walk Out technology,” Amazon VP of Just Walk Out technology Jon Jenkins said.

ExCeL chief commercial officer Simon Mills added: “With some 400 events and four million visitors every year, we are constantly looking at ways to further enhance our customer journey.

“Through our partnership with Levy UK+I, we can now provide a better, faster experience using proven safe technology, allowing more time for visitors to network, learn and trade around their event.”



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