Supermarket concessions: which brands have the grocers partnered with?

Supermarket concessions are not new, but the number of brands that are being brought into large superstores appears to be ramping up.

Just last week Tesco revealed it is rolling out more Greggs concessions in stores, and it’s no surprise such tie-ups are on the rise. Concessions can help attract a wider demographic, drive additional footfall and offer unique experiences.

Grocery Gazette takes a look at all of the third-party tie ups the big grocers currently have…

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Tesco partners

Tesco concessions

Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, has a wide range of partnerships that cover clothing, accessories, healthy food, mobile phone services, sports and leisure, as well as a host of other useful services.

Greggs is its latest partner as it adds two more of the bakery chain’s shops to its supermarket stores.

A Tesco spokesperson told Grocery Gazette: “We know our customers love Greggs and we’re looking forward to more customers being able to pick up a vegan sausage roll or a steak bake whilst doing their weekly Tesco shop.”


Sainsbury's concessions

Sainsbury’s concessions

Sainsbury’s, the second largest retailer in the UK, has been the busiest at forming new tie-ups, both in-store and online.

Sainsbury’s partnerships include fashion, dry cleaning, mobile phone services, footwear, barbershops, beauty and wellness, and more.

In February, the supermarket teamed up with womenswear brand, Little Mistress, to stock its latest collection via the supermarkets own online clothing brand, Tu.

However, a major concessionaire, LloydsPharmacy, is set to close its outlets in Sainsbury’s this year dealing a blow to the supermarket. Lloyds has made the decision “in response to changing market conditions” as pharmacies are hit by insufficient government funding.


Asda concessions

Asda concessions

In comparison to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, Asda seems to have a smaller portfolio of concession partners, but has recently made some interesting moves in this space.

Last month it added seven new Rowe’s bakery concessions to its stores across the southwest, as it extends its partnership with the Falmouth-based bakers.


Morrisons concessions

Morrisons concessions

Morrisons has a smaller number of partnerships compared to its rivals, although it does offer services such as ley cutting and dry cleaning through Timpson, window repairs, a car buying service and more.


Waitrose concessions

Waitrose concessions

Upmarket retailer Waitrose has a couple of tie-ups including with baker Gail’s.

The grocer, which already sells a limited selection of the baker’s breads in its stores, is to roll out dedicated Gail’s Bakery areas to 64 stores this month.

Other than Gail’s, Waitrose has introduced shop-in-shops from sister brand John Lewis in stores across the country.



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