Aldi introduces ‘stricter’ recyclable packaging guidelines

Aldi has updated its International Recyclability Guidelines, in a step that  it hopes will bring it closer to “achieving its recyclable packaging goal”.

In 2021 the grocer set a commitment to use an average of 30% recycled content in its packaging by 2025.

The German supermarket said the changes to its guidelines (the original version was produced in 2022) will include an Acceptance Overview for each packaging format to “simplify decision making processes in the supply chain”.

It also said it would take a “stricter” stance on what is and isn’t deemed recyclable.

“As packaging is an indispensable part of our everyday lives, it is essential that Aldi makes all our own-brand product packaging recyclable or compostable,” it said.

The  guidelines include points about design and the varying regulations and processes that apply to individual countries in the Aldi Nord and Aldi South groups (Aldi in the UK is part of the latter).

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The supermarket has said it will continue to update the document based on future technological and regularity developments.

“By developing a recyclability guideline, Aldi is fulfilling the need to create transparency on an international basis,” reads the preface.

Packaging can cause a range of environmental problems – a recent study found that a group of PFAS (per and poly fluorinated substances) chemicals which the food industry had deemed safe to use in packaging can cause health problems by breaking off in to food and drink.

According to the OECD only 9% of plastic waste is is recycled, while 22% is mismanaged.



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