Nisa retailers to receive cash rebate as part of simplified Fresh Rewards model

Nisa retailers will now see the percentage of financial returns previously held within a store development fund given as a cash rebate.

The move looks to simplify the convenience retailers Fresh Rewards model and could earn its independent retailers on average £2,300 cash back per rebate period.

The changes to the Fresh Rewards model, which first launched in 2021, come following retailer feedback, as managing director, Peter Batt said it “became clear that simplifying the rebate terms was an important next step.”

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“I’m really pleased that the work to simplify and return a higher percentage of the rebate in cash has now concluded, which will allow retailers to re-invest in their businesses faster and more efficiently, in areas of their choosing, he said.

Batt added that this move also comes as independent retailers are struggling amid the current cost-of-living crisis.

“For many, simply surviving in these turbulent times is proving challenging enough. Since becoming MD of Nisa I’ve visited many of our retailers and heard directly from them on the issues which matter most.”

The simplification also forms part of Batt’s strategy to ensure Nisa is the wholesaler of choice for independent retailers, and follows two multi-million investments in price for retailers.

In February, Nisa invested £6 million into the wholesale price of more than a thousand branded products and used market data to identify key products across the most important ambient categories within the convenience sector, such as beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and tobacco.

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