Birds Eye launches ‘PEAple’s Café’ to showcase Petit Pois recipes


Frozen food brand Birds Eye is launching its first pop up, ‘The PEAple’s Café’ to showcase its Petit Pois.

Opening its doors at Skinny Kitchen in London, Islington on 5 April, the café will be open to the public from 2:30pm to 5pm and will feature a free limited edition menu of three canapés.

The one-day pop-up restaurant looks to show the versatility of Birds Eye’s Peiti Pois, with each recipe served up by chef and brand ambassador, Miguel Barclay.

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Those visiting the café can choose one canapé, with dishes set to include pea and houmous on a slice of cucumber, smashed peas and feta on toasted ciabatta, and roast chicken and pea blinis.

An elderflower and pea cocktail or mocktail will also be available.

“We are so excited to welcome visitors to The PEAple’s Café, to showcase how deliciously sweet and versatile our Petits Pois are,” Birds Eye senior brand manager for peas, Laura Clements said.

“So often, peas are overlooked and considered more of a side piece to a meal, but with this menu we hope to inspire the nation to see them as a hero ingredient for those brunch and lunch time occasions.

“Our Petits Pois are particularly delicious for recipes such as those which Miguel has designed – sweet in flavour, nutritious, and great for minimising food waste too.”



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