Recipe kit company Grubby unveils carbon footprint labels

Plant-based recipe box subscription service Grubby has become the first UK recipe kit provider to show the carbon footprint of each of its recipes.

The new initiative also provides each of its customers with a personalised carboon ‘footprint’ via a unique in-app Footprint Tracker, which analyses CO2e saved with each recipe when compared against an equivalent recipe that contains meat.

The carbon impact for Grubby’s range of over 100 recipes is calculated by ‘life cycle assessment’ considering factors such as where and how the products are farmed, transported and packaged.

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Following the assessment, each recipe is rated on a scale of ‘A’ to ‘E’, with A representing the lowest carbon footprint.

While Grubby’s Mushroom Stroganoff has a 1.86kg CO2e carbon footprint and a grade A rating, the meat equivalent has a 25kg CO2e carbon footprint with an E rating.

As a result, the recipe kit company’s customers have saved over 1,740 tonnes of CO2 versus eating equivalent meat meals.

“We’re all much more aware of how vital it is to make positive changes today, especially when we know that food is responsible for at least one-third of all global greenhouse gas emissions,” Grubby founder, Martin Holden-White said.

“Tracking and reducing the carbon footprint of the food we consume is one of the best and quickest ways we can reduce our impact on the planet. We’re delighted to be able to give our customers an easy way to track their impact and see their carbon savings versus meat equivalent meals.”



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