Sainsbury’s adds more products to ‘biggest ever’ Aldi Price Match campaign

Sainsbury’s has increased the range in its Aldi Price Match campaign to 310 listings as part of its biggest ever push this month.

According to reporting by The Grocer, this is up by almost a third as private label consultancy IPLC said the figure was at 233 before 23 December.

In addition to seven own-brand cereals, four own-brand coffee lines and 16 own-brand soups, the Big 4 grocer has included fruit such as kiwi, down in price by 41p to £1.19 and watermelon, lowered by 31p to £3.09.

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Sugar snap peas, fresh coriander and baby potatoes with herbs and butter have also been newly price-matched.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman told The Grocer that this was part of the supermarkets “biggest ever Aldi Price Match”, with 25% more items than during the campaign’s autumn selection.

Last month, CEO Simon Roberts said that Sainsbury’s would “take on Aldi” and “invest £550m over two years in being more competitive”, when speaking with the Mail on Sunday.

This comes as Sainsbury’s has said it expects profit to come in at the upper end of guidance as it reports a “record Christmas”, with total sales up by 7.1%.

The figure from its recent trading update published today (11 December), also saw Roberts revealing that Sainsbury’s will be continuing to run its Aldi Price Match campaign throughout 2023, as it launches its biggest ever push in this month, running across 300 of its most popular products.



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