Spar launches five new own-label confectionery lines

Spar is extending its own-label confectionery range with five new lines set to roll out across select UK stores from next week.

The symbol group retailer’s vegan and vegetarian take-home sweets include Giant Strawberries, Yummy Bears and Soury Gummy Mix at RRP £1.20 each.

Also introducing two new confectionery lines to its impulse range, Spar is launching Sour Flames and Tilly the Turtle fruit jellies at RRP 59p each.

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“These five new products allow Spar to modernise and add a point of difference to the current own label range,” Spar UK assistant brand manager, Hannah Such told NAM News.

“We will be filling gaps within our confectionery range by offering new and exciting flavours; this will give our Spar stores a fantastic opportunity to earn additional sales.

“We are delighted with how well Myles the Meerkat is selling in stores that we felt it was time to add a new character to the range. Tilly the Turtle fruit jellies is perfect for consumers who have an interest in innovative confectionery.”

This range expansion follows on from Spar’s customer-focused initiative in October which looked to grow its brand and get its best own-label ranges into maximum distribution across its estate.

With a focus on increasing its own-label penetration, overall category growth and commercial delivery, the Spar’s ‘Spotlight’ product list includes over 100 of its own-brand lines.



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