Christmas dinner value being driven by private labels

Private label products are offering the best value this Christmas as the cost-of-living crisis bites, new research shows.

According to a recent price survey by International Private Label Consult (IPLC), across 30 products from a starter, main course, dessert, cheese and a drink, Aldi was found to offer the cheapest prices this festive season from £52.93.

Researching Christmas food costs at the Big 4 grocers, alongside Lidl, Morrisons and Waitrose, IPLC also looked at three categories to determine the best prices, including a frozen turkey without an alcohol offering, a frozen turkey with alcohol and a fresh turkey with alcohol.

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When purchasing a frozen turkey at one of the discount grocers, alcohol was the factor that made the most difference to cost as with none at all, Lidl was just 10p more expensive at £53.03.

However with alcohol, Aldi was over 7% cheaper due to a bottle of champagne being just £9.99, as reported by IPLC partner Paul Stainton on LinkedIn.

While Asda and Tesco came in at third and fourth cheapest, Waitrose was found to be the most expensive at £87.21 for a frozen turkey with no alcohol and £130.64 for a fresh turkey with alcohol.

This comes as Aldi kickstarted the annual Christmas supermarket price war earlier this month with the return of its traditional festive food discounts, including vegetables being sold for as little as 19p.

Lidl and Sainsbury’s have also joined Aldi in cutting the price of Christmas vegetables to 19p each and earlier this week, Iceland re-launched its 1p sale across select fresh and fozen vegetables.



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