Tesco sees high demand for Christmas food during World Cup celebrations

Tesco is seeing an earlier than usual demand for its Christmas party food as the World Cup takes place in the winter, rather than the usual summer.

Swapping out foods such as burgers and sausages, typically consumed during the sporting event, this year the leading retailer has seen early demand for Pigs in Blankets, Tempura prawns, Mozzarella Sticks, Mini Duck Spring Rolls and Cheese and Bacon Loaded Skins.

Across its festive party selection, Tesco predicts that during the entire four week tournament, more than 13 million packs will be sold.

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It said 22 million packs of crisps are also likely to be sold across its stores and online, as well as nearly 8 million pizzas, 3.5 million pies and almost 2 million packs of peanuts.

Across Tesco’s drink offerings, it has predicted that more than 16 million bottles of wine will be sold, 5 million bottles, cans or packs of beer and 8 million bottles of fizz during the football celebrations.

“In the past with World Cups taking place in June and July it’s always been BBQ favourites such as burgers and sausages that top football fans’ shopping lists,” Tesco party food buyer, Natalie Linden said.

“But with this tournament being nearer Christmas for the first time ever, it’s pigs in blankets and tempura prawns that are going to be the new hero foods.”

This comes as some of the UK’s supermarket giants are looking to help shoppers save on food during the World Cup, including Morrisons which halved the price of its 11-piece fry up across its cafés last week to ensure football fans “get their days off to a flying start” throughout the tournament.



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