Animal Rebellion activists stage protest at Waitrose and M&S by spilling milk onto floor

Animal Rebellion protestors have poured milk onto the floors of retailers including Waitrose and M&S in their ongoing anti-dairy campaign for a plant-based future.

The rebellious group held a ‘milk pour’ in which they grabbed milk from store shelves and spilled it onto floors and counters.

Videos were posted to social media in various online communities and received high engagement and serious backlash after Animal Rebellion claimed responsibility for the publicity stunt.

The activists said it was done to highlight the need to support farmers in transitioning to a sustainable future, saying they are “calling on the government to give us a livable future,” in a tweet attached with a video.

Waitrose stores in Edinburgh, and Belgravia and Oxford Street in London were targeted for the stunt. Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer stores in Manchester and Norwich were hit with milk spillages.

“A plant-based future is the key solution to the climate and ecological emergencies. Moreover, it would enable us to produce more food for more people with far less land and fewer resources,” Animal Rebellion said in a statement.

“It would also reduce the suffering of billions of animals whilst restoring habitats to our beautiful wildlife. Prime Minister Liz Truss and Environment Secretary Ranil Jayawardena should make the most of this win-win-win scenario.”

This isn’t the first time the animal rights group have staged a ‘milk pour’ protest, as they previously pulled the same publicity stunt in Harrods back in August.



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