Lidl loyalty scheme change makes it harder to earn rewards


Lidl customers who use the ‘Lidl Plus’ loyalty app will now need to spend £50 extra every month to earn discounts under a shakeup to the scheme.

Until now, customers were able to earn £10 off a future shop when they spent at least £200 a month at the discount grocer.

However, from 1 September, Lidl Plus users will need to spend at least £250 over a month to earn a voucher for 10% off a future spend, up to a maximum of £20.

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This results in customers having to spend a further £100 on a future transaction to get at least £10 off.

Instead, Lidl claims that the shakeup allows “more customers get more rewards, more often” as it introduced a new offer of a free own-brand cleaning product when at least £150 is spent over a month.

The news comes as Lidl has partnered with digital magazine and newspaper subscription app Readly to offer customers using the Lidl Plus loyalty scheme a free two-month subscription to its portfolio of publications.

The partnership will see Readly giving Lidl Plus rewards customers two months of free reading via the app, followed by 15% off its monthly subscription for six months.



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