Vegan wine sales increase by 51% in last two years

Sales of vegan wine have sky-rocketed by 51% from 2019 to 2021 data by Virgin Wines has revealed.

The online retailer, which has a collection of 400 vegan wines sourced from independent winemakers attributed the climb to a growth in “eco-consciousness” and “healthier lifestyles”.

“It’s not surprising to see such a rise in vegan wine sales. Over the last decade, far more alternative wine fining methods have been found, allowing winemakers to move away from the traditional methods that are unsuitable for vegans. Demand for vegan, organic and biodynamic wines has grown as more consumers adopt eco-conscious and healthier lifestyles.” Virgin Wines’ head of buying Sophie Lord said.

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Lord added: “It’s great to see that the desire for top-quality vegan-friendly wines is growing so strongly and we have every reason to believe that this will only continue to rise, creating a great opportunity for Virgin Wines to capitalise on this growing sector”.

The news comes as VoucherCodes revealed that vegans were consistently spending more on groceries than the average meat consumers, with a total food spend of £14 billion a year.

According to the company’s Food Spend report, vegan consumers are spending almost a third more than the national average on groceries – £2,802 per person.

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