Aldi denies rationing water sales as 40°C heatwave hits the UK

Aldi has denied asking customers to limit their bottled water purchases over the weekend in the run-up to the UK’s 40°C heatwave.

A sign in the South London Streatham store read ‘Maximum 1x type of water per person,’ leading shoppers to believe the discount retailer was rationing its water.

However, a spokesperson for Aldi told Grocery Gazette that this sign has since been removed saying: “We don’t have any restrictions in place and have good availability of water in all our stores”.

Aldi has already seen shoppers looking for ways to escape the heat over the past week, with ice cream and ice lolly sales up 150% on last year’s figures.

Following the Met Office’s red extreme heat warning, many across the UK have been looking to bulk buy supermarket products such as water and iced treats to keep cool.

Research from value supermarket Iceland revealed that 58% of Brits have gone into a supermarket freezer aisle to cool down when the weather is too hot. The retailer set up a ‘chill-out zone’ in the freezer aisle of its Islington store, offering customers deckchairs, cooling spray and complimentary ice lollies.

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record-breaking ice cream sales as UK gears up for heatwave

In response to talks of bottled water rationing circulating online, environmental organisation, City to Sea’s policy manager Steve Hynd said: “This is completely bonkers. Most Brits can turn our taps on and enjoy some of the best quality tap water in the world.

“If you must leave the house during this deadly heatwave, then simply download the Refill app for free. There are hundreds of thousands of free drinking water points mapped including high street names like Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Morrisons supermarkets that have all signed up to give away free drinking water.

“There is no need to panic buy water. Leave it for those people who might need it during the heatwave.”

The charity is encouraging Brits to use the free water refill stations placed around the UK and found through the ‘Refill’ app, to keep hydrated this summer.

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