Furious Iceland shoppers feel ‘conned’ by 1p sale

Angry Iceland customers say they feel “conned” by the frozen food retailers latest offer to sell 400 products for just 1p.

Last week, Iceland announced its latest measure to help families deal with the cost of living crisis, which includes slashing its prices of essential items to just 1p each.

The ‘3 for 3p’ sale includes items like semi-skimmed milk, bread, butter, ice cream and fizzy drinks.

However, the offer is only available for one week online.

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However, to get free deliveries, customers must spend £40, which customers say is “unfair” on those who can’t afford it, according to Facebook users.

One user said: “Again it is all about shopping online not everyone can do this or see on what about the people who go into the store and shop they should be treated the same.”

Another added that the scheme is “not helping the OAPs who can’t do online shopping.”

A social media user branded the sale as “flawed”. She said: “how many low income households will be spending £35+ in order to not pay the £4 delivery charges, only to find their penny items mysteriously out of stock & missing from their order, but now they’ve spent £35+ on Iceland foods they can no longer afford the full price bread, milk, butter etc from their local shop/supermarket.

“Surely this would be better as an in-store offer, where at least the low income householders can rethink their shopping as they walk round & discover everything they need is out of stock … plus a loaf of bread, 4pints milk & butter/margarine costs less than the £4 delivery charge!”

However, not everyone was critical of the scheme. One social media user recommended using places with free wifi such as local libraries and community centres.

Iceland managing director Richard Walker added: “We’re continuing to work hard to ensure our customers are being supported as much as possible as the cost of living continues to rise and we hope our 3p everyday essentials sale will help a little this weekend.

“Our previous sales at Christmas and Easter were very popular and this time we’ve taken the decision to branch out and offer this deal on everyday essentials, as well as vegetables, to help our customers as we navigate through the cost-of-living crisis. We’re committed helping our customers as much as we can at this difficult time and will continue to do so.”

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