Co-op stops selling Quack Duck Eggs amid animal cruelty concerns

Lincolnshire Co-op has ceased trade with Quack Duck Eggs after vegan campaigning charity Viva! exposed “appalling conditions” at the Lincolnshire duck egg farm.

Quack Duck Eggs, which is based in Lincolnshire since the 1800s underwent an investigation this spring from 7 March to 26 April where the charity filmed footage on site including workers “brutally killing ducks” and animal negligence.

The duck eggs have since been removed from Lincolnshire Co-op stores, as investigations are still ongoing.

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Currently, fresh food supplier Noble foods who work with major supermarkets including Tesco and egg producers Stonegate have also suspended supplies as the issue awaits investigation.

“Undercover footage reveals shocking scenes from inside the farm of lame birds dragging themselves over extra-ridden barn floors using their wings and workers brutally killing ducks by dislocating their necks – a shockingly legal practice – and leaving lame, sick and blind birds to suffer in pain,” a Viva! spokesperson said.

The charity added that “hidden cameras revealed that the ducks are left for more than 15 hours at a time without checks between the afternoon and the following morning,” and that it found “numerous male ducks mixed in with the females”.

“We have suspended further purchases of stock of Quack! Duck Eggs from the supplier while investigations are ongoing. This suspension started on the day we first received the information,” Lincolnshire Co-op stated on their site.

“Our investigations involve consulting with various outside bodies including Trading Standards, the local environmental health authority, and the supplier.”

In response  to Viva! accusations Quack Duck Eggs added: “As a family-owned and run business, our number one priority is to provide our ducks with the highest standards of care and welfare. With this in mind and with issues identified, these have been rectified alongside veterinary advice.”

“Since this footage was taken, last year, every poultry house on the farm has been inspected by our customers, an independent vet and the APHA notified. Each of these inspections concluded the farm is operating to good standards including the health and welfare of the birds.”

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