Sainsbury’s increases Aldi Price match investment

Sainsbury’s has increased its cash investment into its campaign to match discounter Aldi’s prices to alleviate monetary pressures for shoppers.

The move comes as Big 4 grocer market shares have decreased in the face of the cost of living crisis which has seen shoppers flock to discount retailers Aldi and Lidl.

With the investment, Sainsbury’s Aldi Price match campaign will cover around 250 products across its Sainsbury’s Quality range.

Specifically, the latest discounts will knock around 10% of the price of popular packs of chicken breasts and beef mince.

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The news comes amid 40-year-high inflation hitting 9% in April – with predictions of further rises.

According to Kantar, grocery price inflation reached 7% over the past month, to the highest level since May 2009.

“With costs going up, we’re working hard to keep our prices low. Customers are watching every penny and we are making it easier for them to buy what they need in our stores,” Sainsbury’s food commercial director Rhian Bartlett said.

“Clearer in-store signs and posters will help customers compare the lowest prices – because we know that really matters to people right now.”

Other products including onions, orange juice, cauliflowers and double cream will also drop in price after the latest changes.

Last month, Sainsbury’s reaffirmed its commitment to the government’s original timelines restricting HFSS promotions  while also urging other retailers and supermarkets to do the same.

This includes the controversial volume price promotions on HFFS products, with critics claiming the policy is poorly timed amid the cost of living crisis.

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