Asda launches Salesforce retail technology to ‘revolutionise’ grocery experience

Asda is set to launch Salesforce technology as it looks to give a ‘360-degree view of its customers, providing personalised and tailored experiences that will revolutionise the consumer grocery experience”.

The Big 4 grocer said it would create a cloud-first environment that gives its customers ‘one connected and consistent experience across every channel and device’.

Furthermore, Asda’s new Salesforce technology will enable the grocer to deliver new online shopping experiences by building out its headless e-commerce architecture, enabling it to separate its front-end and back-end ecommerce applications.

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“Salesforce will help to transform the customer experience as we seek new world-class systems that will be cloud-first,” Asda senior vice president Simon Gregg said.

“Its technology is perfectly aligned to deliver our vision of a true and exciting omnichannel experience that will set us apart in the UK retail sector.”

Salesforce vice president and general manager Rob Garf added: “We are thrilled to support one of the UK’s largest retailers as they embark on one of the boldest and most unique digital transformation projects in the world.”

“Asda shoppers can expect a personalised and seamless experience across both physical and digital channels. Together we will showcase the future of retail as every aspect of the shopping journey will be streamlined and connected.”

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