Zoom by Ocado rebrands after ‘Zwastika’ logo

Zoom by Ocado has rebranded after its “Z” logo was compared to a Russian Zwastika earlier this year.

The service which offers deliveries with “incredible speed” has launched a fresh campaign featuring fruits and vegetables wearing helmets and flying straight into arms.

With vibrant visuals, the grocer’s campaign highlights the immediacy of the service stating that “controversial pizza toppings” and “something to make your porridge less bland” are never more than 60 minutes away.

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“Zoom by Ocado is a rapid delivery service that doesn’t compromise on choice – it includes Ocado’s own-label ranges, M&S-branded lines and hyper-local suppliers,” Zoom by Ocado senior customer lead Zoe Hannah.

“We’re set apart from the competition by our mountainous range of over 10,000 products to choose from, delivered in under 60 minutes.”

The new campaign follows the removal of the previous logo which featured a pink circle with a hand-written white ‘Z’ in the centre – which was compared to the ‘Zwastika’ as it also uses a hand-drawn white ‘Z’.

“In light of current circumstances we are making a small change to an icon ahead of our upcoming Zoom by Ocado rebrand,” an Ocado spokesperson announced in March.

The news comes after Ocado’s co-founder Tim Steiner claimed grocery prices were  more affordable than they were a year or even two years ago.

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