Zapp launches the first ultra-fast delivery Period Store for National Period Hygiene Day

On-demand convenience app Zapp has launched a new Period Store for National Period Hygiene Day (28 May).

The new store will feature all the essentials including organic tampons and pads, menstrual cups and liners, along with hot water bottles, magnesium products and chocolate to “boost oxytocin and relieve menstrual strain”.

Zapp announced with every hot water bottle sold, £2 will be donated to charity, Period Poverty UK.

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“We’re so happy to be able to extend our ‘need it now’ products to include period products,” Zapp catalogue manager Silje Renberg Kvaavik said.

“We hope these will not only be Zapped by people needing them, and fast, but also by friends and family to someone suffering with period pains.”

Products from Zapp’s new Period Store include:
  • DAME Organic Tampons Regular, £3.59
  • DAME Organic Tampons Super, £3.59
  • DAME Reusable Applicator, £24.99
  • Nurofen Express Liquid, £4.59
  • Zapp Hot Water Bottle, £14.99
  • Personalised Co. Magnesium 60 pck, £5.99
  • TeaPigs Chamomile Flowers 15 pck, £4.49
  • Rococo Small Chocolate & Truffle Collection, £26.99
  • Mooncup Size B, £19.99
  • Always Ultra Normal 14 pck, £2.29
  • Always Ultra Night 10 pck, £2.49
  • Better You Magnesium Flakes 1kg, £10.99

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