Shoppers vote Morrisons as worst supermarket for deals and savings

New data from Trustpilot has revealed that Big 4 grocer Morrisons is the most complained about supermarket in the UK in regards to deals, savings and overall prices in 2022.

According to the online supermarket Britsuperstore, which analysed the Trustpilot data, over 97% of Morrisons 2022 Trustpilot reviews were classed as ‘negative’ in these areas.

The Co-op received the second most complaints with just over 96%, and Asda came in third with 96%.

The least complained about supermarket according to data from Trustpilot was discount retailer Aldi, with just 77% of its reviews classed as ‘negative’.

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Analysing reviews from 1st January 2022, the study also shows that the most complained about supermarket issue in 2022 is money.

52% of reviews complained about money in general, with 19% specifically citing price increases and 15% expensiveness.

Britsuperstore analysed each supermarket’s customer review data by using keyword searches including cheapness/affordability, expensive, deals, savings, overall price and money.

The news comes after Big 4 grocers, Morrisons and Asda, announced plans to keep prices low in a bid to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

Asda confirmed it has ‘dropped and locked’ the price of over 100 family favourites and will lock the price down until the end of the year, while Morrisons slashed prices of hundreds of its own-brand lines.

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