Tofoo partners with planning solutions company to bolster supply chain as demand soars

Yorkshire ‘hypergrowth’ tofu brand, Tofoo, has announced its partnership with planning solutions company, Anaplan, to consolidate its supply chain planning processes.

Tofoo, a £20 million turnover company, will use Anaplan’s demand planning platform to automate its demand forecast model allowing confident and accurate forecasting three to five years in advance.

Furthermore, the partnership will allow the company to become multi-dimensional, involve more stakeholders and introduce new products more easily.

With statistical implementation, Tofoo will be able to increase forecast accuracy, manage different routes to markets and reduce the workload on the supply chain team through automation.

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“As our customers continue to drive demand for the product, we recognised a need for a more robust and consolidated approach to our supply chain to ensure the products meets stores in a timely manner,” Tofoo head of demand and supply Andy Proud said.

Anaplan area vice president UKI Shankar Balakrishnan added: “With the recent supply chain challenges brought on by a combination of the pandemic and Brexit, it is even more important now that businesses have a resilient infrastructure in place, one that is malleable to both consumer demand and shifts in the landscape.

“Those that embrace the agile and data-driven approach will be best placed to survive any future disruption and increased demand.”

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