Oatibix boosts sales with new television campaign

Oatibix cereal has launched a new pirate-themed television advertisement as part of its marketing campaign which hopes to boost sales by 30%.

The advertisement follows a recent recipe reformulation and new packaging for Oatibix which focuses on displaying the nutritional credentials of the cereal.

Within the advert, a pirate character please for a bowl of Oatibix saving him from walking the plank.

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Additionally, the relaunch aims to emphasise the cereal’s HFSS compliance – meaning it will be exempt from the government’s “tackling obesity” measures coming into force in October.

“The ‘wholesome’ segment of cereals has continued to grow in the past year, so it’s been the perfect time to give some love to Oatibix,” Weetabix head of marketing brand owner Gareth Turner said.

“Shoppers are already loving Oatibix’s new look and crisper and lighter taste, and the new, playfully pirate-themed TV advert showcases the fun nature of Weetabix‘s oat-filled sibling.”

Turner added: “Alongside the refreshed pack designs and delicious new flavours, this is a major investment into the Oatibix brand, so it’s a product to look out for in 2022.”

The news comes as the new HFSS guidance has come under fire by the ACS for leaving clarifications for independent retailers too vague, and “open for interpretation.”

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