Asda boss slams government for ‘tin eared’ response to cost of living crises

Asda chairman has slammed the government for their “tin-eared and slow” response to the UK’s cost of living crisis.

Lord Stuart Rose said the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, should put together a new package to ease the soaring costs households are facing.

“The main problem that the government has is that it’s been handing out millions and millions during Covid so it’s now very hard to explain to people why they can’t hand out more money,” Rose Said.

The news comes after inflation reached a 30 year high of 6.2% last month, according to the Office of National Statistics, and shows no sign of slowing down in the coming months.

In order to minimise the impact rising prices have on households, Sunak announced in his spring statement the government’s plans for tackling these mounting costs.

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However, it did little to alleviate the cost-of-living crises for the poorest households.

Former executive chairman of M&S Lord Rose told GB News: “I think the government has been fairly slow to recognise some of the problems many people are facing.

“They’ve been slightly tin-eared and slow in putting some actions in place to put in place policies in response.

“I would do something as a short term package to help people. It’s a tough one but I would also be saying to people who are doing well that it’s time for you to put your hand in your pocket.”

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  • Leslie Clive Bedford
    April 4, 2022 11:49 am

    Stuart Rose has really come down in the retail trade from Chairman of M&S (Marks & Spencer) to Chairman of Asda.How the mighty have fallen.


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