Supermarket prices rise by more than 5% as inflation bites

The cost of groceries is now 5.2% higher than it was a year ago, as inflation in the past month hits the highest levels in nearly a decade.

According to new research by Kantar, due to price inflation, customers are switching to cheaper products and supermarket own-brands.

Kantar also revealed, shoppers are also making fewer trips to stores to save on petrol costs.

As a result, prices are rising fastest in markets such as savoury snacks, dog food and cat food, with jumps not seen since April 2012.

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Despite prices being higher in stores, total sales fell 6.3% in the 12 weeks to March 20 compared with a year ago.

However, on a two-year basis total sales were up just 0.7%.

“More and more we’re going to see consumers and retailers take action to manage the growing cost of grocery baskets,” Kantar head of retail and consumer insights, Fraser McKevitt, said.

“Consumers are increasingly turning to own-label products, which are usually cheaper than branded alternatives.

“Own-label sales are down in line with the wider market but the proportion of spending on them versus brands has grown to 50.6%, up from 49.9% this time last year.”

Kevitt added: “Meanwhile the grocers are also adapting their pricing strategies in response to the rising cost of goods.”

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