VFC urges meat industry to ‘come clean and then clean up’

Plant-based brand VFC has challenged the meat industry to “come clean” after its meat-free range outperformed its meat equivalent across every environmental metric.

The assessment was conducted by Mondra, a business that analyses the environmental performance of supply chains. It compared VFC’s popular vegan friend chick*n fillets with generic meat-based southern fried chicken fillets.

It discovered gram for gram, the meat product has twice the impact on climate breakdown, uses 24 times as much fresh water and has a 20 times greater impact on biodiversity.

In addition,  Mondra claimed that if the entire meat-eating population of the UK ate VFC fillets instead of its meat counterpart for just one meal per week for one year, emissions equivalent to a car driving 73.2 million miles would be saved.

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“We created VFC specifically to spare the lives of animals, but, as an ethical company, we also wanted to understand how our products impact the planet,” VFC’s co-founder Matthew Glover said.

“We know that the meat industry is causing significant and widespread damage to our climate, waterways, wild spaces and wild animal populations.

“Their commitments so far amount to little more than tinkering with the existing system, and that’s not good enough. We need these companies to be honest about their impacts, and then to expand their investment in, and their production and promotion of, meat-free foods.”

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