Aldi celebrates plastic-free Easter

Aldi has scrapped the use of plastic from its entire range of own-label Easter eggs.

The eggs are among the nine Easter lines the supermarket has made plastic-free this year, removing an estimated 24 tonnes of plastic from its stores.

In addition, the discount retailer is adding 10 new 100% plastic-free products to its seasonal confectionery range for 2022 – including Popcorn Egg and Ice Cream Egg.

“We know that our customers are passionate about the environment, and these changes to our Easter range are a great example of how we are helping them eliminate unnecessary plastic,” Aldi UK plastics and packaging director Richard Gorman said.

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“We’re committed to playing our part to protect the environment and its changes like this that can make all the difference.

“The reduction of plastic in Aldi’s Easter range follows on from the supermarket’s pledge to halve the volume of plastic packaging it uses by 2025.”

“The supermarket is also on track to have all product packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by the end of 2025.”

The news comes after Aldi has partnered with Tony’s Chocolonely to launch its first 100% responsibly sourced chocolate Easter egg, despite its recent controversy.

The announcement comes during Fairtrade Fortnight, a promotional campaign to increase awareness of Fairtrade products, which kicked off on 21 February.

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