Tyson Fury enters energy drink market

Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World Tyson Fury has launched a range of energy drinks, Furocity by Tyson Fury, at an event in London.

Fury has launched four flavours, which include Original, Black & Blue Raspberry, Sour Cherry Knockout and Sour Apple Punch retail for £1.50 each and are available from 16 February 2022.

The drinks will be sold in Iceland both in stores and online, The Food Warehouse, Amazon and the Tyson Fury ‘The Gypsy King’ Official Merchandise store.

Each flavour is available to buy as a single can and will be available as multipacks soon.

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Each drink in the range, contain less than half (4.3g per 100ml) the sugar of both Red Bull (11g per 100ml) and Monster (11g per 100ml) and are below the government’s sugar tax threshold as well as HFSS compliant.

The drinks also include vitamin B12 & B6.

“Unlike my opponents, Furocity packs a real punch, giving you the boost you need to be at your best. It’s all about hitting your day harder and making every moment count,” Fury said.

“And just like in my boxing career, I’m here to win.”

“It’s been the same couple of brands at the top of the energy drinks market for too long. I’ve created Furocity to change all that. I’m clearing out the dossers and taking the energy drink title before anyone knows what’s hit them.”

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