Isolation rules should change so staff can ‘get back to work’, pleads Iceland boss

Iceland boss Richard Walker has spoken out about the current Government-enforced self isolation and why it should be reduced.

Walker’s comments come after the news that more than one in 10 Iceland workers are now self-isolating after testing positive for covid-19. There are 3,300 staff currently at home, accounting for 11% of the supermarket’s workforce.

The rates of staff absence in recent days were also more than double last year’s peak during the so-called ‘pingdemic’.

Walker told BBC news: “It is now only the unvaccinated at serious risk of harm and hospitalisation.”

“I think we need to design policies that are fit for business and society, and those who are vaccinated as opposed to the unvaccinated tail wagging the triple jabbed dog.”

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He added: “Our covid absences have risen by almost 700 w-o-w, now at over 1,700. It would be very helpful to business if the isolation period was cut.”

The supermarket chief executive also commented on an article discussing which critical workers would be eligible to receive daily Covid tests, stating: “This should include food retail shop workers.”

As a result of absence, Iceland was forced to close two stores on New Years Day to move available staff around different stores.

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