Aldi named “most popular supermarket for vegan food”

Aldi is the UK’s most popular supermarket for vegan food, a study by The Goodness Project has revealed. 

The vegan ecommerce company analysed Google search data from the past two years to unveil which of the UK’s supermarkets are most frequently searched for by consumers looking for vegan food ranges. 

The research revealed that “Aldi vegan” was searched for 2,900 times, with “Tesco vegan” coming a close second, with 2,400 searches. 

Next in line were Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Asda who all had 1,900 searches, followed closely by Waitrose and Morrisons whose vegan ranges were searched for 1,600 times each. M&S, Iceland and Co-op vegan food ranges saw 1,000, 880 and 880 searches, respectively. 

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Additionally, the research found that Veganuary is expected to drive up Google searches for vegan supermarket ranges by 56% overall.

Aldi can expect to see 6,500 searches in January, while Asda and Tesco  can expect to see around 4,000 searches over the same period, an increase of 56% and 45%  respectively.  

Last year, supermarkets geared up for Veganuary, with M&S and Tesco running their first Veganuary television and radio adverts. Aldi, Asda and Iceland also added dedicated vegan pages to their websites, with information, recipes and tips. 

“More and more supermarkets are taking note of the rise in demand for vegan food ranges, Veganuary saw a record amount of sign ups in 2021 (over 500K) so this demand doesn’t look like falling soon,” said The Goodness Project co-founder Anna Szanto.

“It’s interesting to see the changes in advertising strategies and product ranges because of this. We can already start to see which supermarkets are winning this race.”

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  • Aldi may be the most searched but it is certainly not the most popular. It’s range is tiny in comparison with all the other supermarkets mentioned.

  • whenever I’ve used the search term “aldi vegan” It’s because I’ve failed to locate something in store, I’m usually checking they haven’t deleted it


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