Sainsbury’s payroll system targeted in cyber attack affecting 150,000 employees


Sainsbury’s payroll system provider has been hit by a cyber attack, affecting around 150,000 employees.

According to The Mirror,  the Big 4 grocer’s payroll system provider, US based Kronos, was hacked on Saturday which caused the supermarket to lose a week’s worth of data.

However, Sainsbury’s has said that the 150,000 employees impacted will all be paid correctly in time for Christmas, despite the concerning data loss.

Several departments involved in payroll for Sainsbury’s are now relying on historical data which takes into account working patterns to ensure employees are paid the accurate amount, including overtime that is common over the festive period.

Kronos, which provides payroll systems to various companies around the world, has announced that some of its services will be offline for weeks as a result of the ransomwear attack, which is defined as when criminals gain access to a computer network and demand monetary ransom for giving it back.

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While the provider deal with the ongoing issue, Kronos has advised retailers to “evaluate and implement alternative business continuity protocols.”

“We’re in close contact with Kronos while they investigate a systems issue.” A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman told The Mirror.

“In the meantime, we have contingencies in place to make sure our colleagues continue to receive their pay.”

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