Aldi launches pop-up champagne bar where a glass is just £2.33

Aldi has opened a new pop-up champagne bar in London that is offering glasses of fizz for just £2.33, with bottles available for £13.99.

Located at St Christopher’s Place in London’s West End, the bar is open daily until Sunday 12 December and is stocked with the discount supermarket’s own brand champagne, Veuve Monsigny.

The award-winning bubbly is now the second best-selling champagne in the UK.

The drinks menu also includes Veuve Monsigny Rosé for £2.83 a glass, Zerozecco at 49p a glass and a selection of champagne cocktails created by mixologist Pritesh Mody.

These cocktails include a cranberry-and-lime-juice Christmas Cosmopolitan, and a Rhubarb and Ginger French – both coming in at less than £3.

The bar launched earlier this week and to mark the occasion, members of the public were invited to sample the champagne without knowing Aldi was behind the bar.

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The launch comes as Aldi’s research revealed the nation will enjoy an estimated 480 million glasses of champagne this Christmas and Aldi has seen record champagne sales, selling over two million bottles annually.

“Our bubbly is the second best-selling Champagne in the country – and at £13.99 a bottle, the opportunity of making it the cheapest on offer in any Champagne Bar anywhere in the UK was too good a chance to miss,” said Aldi’s managing director of buying, Julie Ashfield.

“It might have shocked people to discover Aldi was behind such a great tasting glass of bubbly, but their enjoyment was no surprise to us.

“We are extremely proud of our award-winning Veuve Monsigny Champagne – it’s up there with the best bubbles available, and we hope our Champagne and pop-up bar help spread some well-deserved cheer among the public this festive season.”

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