Tesco expects early rush for real Christmas trees as demand spikes

A rush for Christmas trees is expected at supermarkets this weekend as demand is expected to rise by 15 per cent this year as shoppers get into the festive mood early.

The start of the spike in people heading to the shops for their trees – dubbed “Christmas Tree Saturday” – is predicted despite being in November and 28 days before Christmas Day.

Tesco said it is stocking up on longer-lasting, non-drop Christmas trees such as the Nordman fir to meet the demand for trees to last the extended season – which is being brought on by a response to the pandemic and Brexit shipping issues.

A spokesman for the Big 4 grocer said: “Over the last few years Tesco has noticed demand for Christmas trees starting earlier and earlier in the season.

“This year it is predicting sales to start this coming weekend, in November.

“Not only that, based on increasing sales over the last few years, the supermarket is predicting demand to be up by around 15 per cent on last year.”

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Tesco horticulture spokeswoman Lottie Morrison added: “Over the last few years we’ve noticed bulk sales starting earlier in the festive season with a major increase in shoppers choosing longer-lasting, non-drop Christmas trees like the Nordman fir.

“The trend has become so pronounced and widespread across the whole of the UK that we now refer to the event as ‘Christmas Tree Saturday’.

“This year we are anticipating an even earlier rush – at the end of November – on account of last year’s Christmas party celebrations being cancelled because of the pandemic.

“While most of those early sales will happen on the Saturday we do see a spike across the whole weekend – and the following weekend – as it gives families the chance to enjoy the decorating ceremony together.”

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