Anti-vaxxers boycott Tesco over double-jabbed Santa advert

Tesco has been accused of “fascism” by anti-vaxxers outraged at the double-jabbed Santa in its Christmas advert.

Other people declared they would start shopping at Tesco as Britain’s biggest retailer became the latest dividing line in the “culture war”.

In the 90-second advert, titled “This Christmas, Nothing’s Stopping Us”, viewers are told that Father Christmas “may have to be quarantined” over Covid rules.

However, he manages to get past border officials by showing his vaccination certificates.

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GB News presenter Tonia Buxton said Tesco had made a “bad move” and told them to “take this ad down now”.

Journalist Sonia Poulton aped the Big 4 grocer’s old slogan, writing: “Every little bit of fascism helps”.

One Twitter user said he would “never shop” in Tesco again “unless a formal apology is issued”, which was attracted 2600 likes.

Others claimed that stores had become safer after the boycott threats.

Commentator Femi Oluwole said he was “heading to Tesco now” because it had been deserted by anti-vaxxers that “got triggered by Santa”.

“Thanks for doing your bit to keep us all safe,” he added.

Government figures show around 46 million Britons are been double-jabbed against Covid.

Over 12.5 million have received a “booster” vaccine since the programme began seven weeks ago.

Tesco declined to comment.

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  • Considering that tesco sells a lot of food which would not be considered healthy, including cheap multivitamins, it should rather concentrate on not being divisive. Clearly at the top they lack proper judgement, and have they never heard of natural immunity? They should instead be advising their customers how to boost this for their customers.

  • I just watched it. Santa spent exactly one second flashing his vaccination card at immigration.
    Can these fools please get over themselves?


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