Morrisons considers extending Market Kitchen to smaller stores


The Bradford-based supermarket is considering launching the popular fresh food takeaway concept as a smaller store format, allowing Market Kitchen to extend its reach across the country.

Already successfully running in larger Morrisons stores, chief executive David Potts is keen to roll out the concept in smaller stores of around 5,000 sq ft, which will be part-supermarket, part-fresh food takeaway.

The smaller Market Kitchen stores will allow customers to watch their meals being made to order by in-store chefs using seasonal ingredients or choose from a range of freshly made ready-to-go meals.

“We’ve got some ideas about smaller stores of 5,000 sq ft, which will include Market Kitchen, which is our new takeaway concept,” he said.

“We’ll see if customers like them and if we could do them well.

Customers will also be able to have the freshly cooked food delivered to their doorstep via Deliveroo, Potts revealed, saying “In as little as under 30 minutes, customers can enjoy convenient, delicious Market Kitchen dishes from the comfort of their own home.”

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The Market Kitchen stores currently offer breakfast, lunch and evening meals such as pizza, fried chicken, Lancashire hotpots, freshly made pasta, risottos, paellas and curries.

“The chefs use our fresh Market Street ingredients to create delicious seasonal meals for customers that are made to order,” explained Morrisons’ head of Market Kitchen, Hannah Munns.

“It means that customers can pop in and pick up their next meal while also buying the groceries they need for future meals. And, thanks to our partnership with Deliveroo, customers will be able to enjoy their favourite dishes from our menu without leaving their kitchen.”

Market Kitchen orders can be placed through the Deliveroo app or website.

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