Shoppers outraged as Waitrose charges £3 for ‘unpacked’ orders

Waitrose’s delivery woes have continued as shoppers complained they were being charged extra for a “ridiculous” service.

The supermarket introduced a £3 fee from September 9, which it said reflected “the work that goes into picking, packing and delivering” groceries.

However, customers protested that they were being billed for unpacked orders delivered in crates.

“Waitrose, while now charging £3 per delivery for packing… actually don’t pack anything,” one Twitter user said.

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He was forced to “decant” shopping into his home instead.

A woman who claimed to have shopped at the retailer for a decade said she would not pay extra for groceries “that I then have to empty out and then re-shelf”.

One Waitrose regular asked simply: “Do you actually want to keep your customers?”

The supermarket said it ditched carrier bags to avoid wasting plastic, but others flagged up more sustainable alternatives.

“Why not use strong paper bags?” asked one woman. “Reusable crate liners?”

Although Waitrose said its drivers could carry deliveries into people’s homes, this threw up its own set of problems.

One shopper, who said she had self-isolated for 18 months, was infuriated that the grocer had stopped “providing plastic bags” and that a “£3 Delivery Charge has been added instead”.

She tweeted: “Waitrose expects me to allow a stranger into my house every time I have a home delivery.

“You have not given any thought [to the] disabled.”

Anthony Costello, a former WHO director, recently shared a text that he said was from a concerned Waitrose driver.

“We’re being made to take orders into customers’ homes… this seems extremely dangerous to me,” the employee wrote.

“Surely this is an avoidable way of spreading Covid in key workers and vulnerable groups?”

Speaking yesterday, deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam said scientists were concerned about the high number of daily coronavirus cases.

“There are some hard months to come in the winter and it is not over,” he warned.

In a statement, Waitrose noted that its collection service was still free to use on orders over £40.

It continued: “We’ve removed plastic carrier bags from our online orders as part of our commitment to reduce the use of unnecessary plastics. 

“Our drivers are on hand to bring our customers’ groceries into their home if they wish, or help to unpack them into our customers’ own reusable bags on the doorstep.”

Of the UK’s major supermarkets, only Iceland will continue to offer free deliveries.

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