Sainsbury’s to axe 60 jobs as it focuses on food

Sainsbury’s employees have said their work “doesn’t matter” to the retailer as plans to cut 60 jobs at a Swansea warehouse surfaced.

Argos, bought by the supermarket in 2016, used the High Street site to process its eBay sales.

However, Sainsbury’s plans to “simplify” its business so that customers can only buy Argos products through stores or the main website.

WalesOnline reports that staff will be made redundant by March, although some are thought to have left for new jobs already.

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One worker said it was yet another wave of job losses to hit the city.

“It seems that when we made over £50 million for the company last year during the pandemic it doesn’t matter to them,” they continued.

Earlier this week, Sainsbury’s announced it would close its Craigavon store in Northern Ireland, putting over 100 jobs at risk.

One union source claimed the move was a “weathervane” for mass closures across the province.

However, the Big 4 grocer denied the rumours in the Grocery Gazette yesterday.

“As part of our plan to put food back at the heart of Sainsbury’s, we are simplifying our business so we can focus on what matters most to our customers,” a spokeswoman said.

“To deliver our plan we must prioritise what we do. 

“We have started talking to our colleagues about what this means for the future of wholesale and the Argos eBay store. 

“We know these conversations may cause uncertainty for our colleagues and we are committing to support them.”

In the 16 weeks to June 26, Sainsbury’s Argos sales fell by 3.7 per cent.

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