Lorry driver visas ‘too little, too late’ as rationing looms

Supermarkets could start rationing food in a bid to save Christmas staples, industry insiders have revealed.

The Sun reports that turkey and sprouts will be prioritised, whereas pasta may be cut back amid lorry driver shortages.

It comes after 20,000-container ships were left waiting to be unloaded for days at Felixstowe port.

A source said: “Retailers will be prioritising the essential Christmas gifts.

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“If there was a big squeeze of drivers and stores couldn’t get all the things they needed they will be rationing lines. 

“So rather than seeing 15 types of pasta you might see ten. 

“Or they might decide they don’t need nearly as much bottled water which is bulky and large in the shop.”

They condemned the government’s plan to bring in 5000 EU drivers in the run-up to Christmas as “too little, too late”.

Meanwhile, talks will be held between Unite bosses and transport firms at the union’s conference today.

They have threatened strike action, claiming their pay and treatment has been “nothing short of a disgrace”.

Unite head Sharon Graham said: “It’s time for employers to pay workers a proper rate for the job.”

One union official last week called the shortages of HGV drivers an “opportunity” to get “proper facilities, fair pay and respect”.

However, transport secretary Grant Shapps has downplayed the threat of industrial action, noting Unite represents just 15 per cent of hauliers.

As of Wednesday, only 20 visas had been issued to overseas drivers.

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